What Is Paranoid Machines?

Paranoid Machines is a series of performances and essays about the history of memory technology.

From the supernatural mass-murder which inspired the Arts of Memory to the atomic/alien conspiracies which spawned the Web, information technology has always been paranoid.

Long before porn and spam turned obfuscation into a business model, the orderly logic of code was already infested with squirming bugs. There is no post-human escape into the mythological realm of code, because meaty conspiratorial sex-dirt is the paranoid structure of code itself.

Hello. I’m Jason Brown.

For the last two decades, I’ve been describing how Gnostic paranoia infests information technology.

The confusion and weirdness of our epistemological tools is not an error which can be expunged from the system — our external memories themselves are paranoid.

Look. I’m just trying to help.

How did this happen?